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Is Jordan Burroughs fast? Yes. Does he have unreasonably long arms? Yes. However, there is one key you can practice that will improve your reshot and it starts with your scissor step footwork.

You can work this from a downblock, half sprawl (double downblock) or full sprawl. Feel free to jump on my Facebook page and ask questions in the comments

Learn The Secret To The Low Single

What is John Smiths key to the Low Single? Watch and find out.

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Wrestling past position is one of the biggest mistakes of any amateur or experienced wrestler. We get so caught up in the act of escaping that you forget where your strengths are. Here I breakdown the base of the strongest positions in wrestling from bottom.

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How to inspire a dream? First you have to be a part of something, then you have to see someone you know and feel connected to reach that level. Then this becomes your dream. The only way to reach it? Hard work.

All coaches should aspire to instill a dream. Without a dream, there is no reason for hard work.


Kids are inspiring. There honest truth. Their view on the world. As coaches and parents we should aspire to teach them a growth mindset, one that is always focused on learning and improving.

One of the most dangerous things a child can succumb to, is a fixed mindset. Find out how Rohi keeps a growth mindset (ps, this cute kid got 2.3m views on Facebook!)


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